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First Draft Due: Thursday, March 13th, 2008 There are numerous passages in Books viii and ix of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics [NE] which provide evidence for the claim that Aristotle was familiar with the arguments presented in Plato’s dialogue Lysis (c.f. 1155a33-35, 1157a15-20, 1159b15ff, 1164b22-27, 1165b12ff). In fact, it would appear as if Aristotle takes himself to be responding to some of the problems which Plato introduces in the Lysis. We have already looked at one of these problems in our work for Essay Two on the Lysis: viz. only the good can be friends, but the good are self-sufficient and would appear not to need any friends. In this essay, I would like you to make the case that Aristotle is concerned with responding to this claim about the possibility of friendship between good people from the Lysis. After presenting this case, I would like to you to explain what Aristotle’s response to the argument is. Finally, I would like you to address whether you find Aristotle’s response a
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Unformatted text preview: satisfactory argument against the claim that there can be no friendship between two goods (as it is presented in the Lysis). **Note: you will recall that we have read an article by Julia Annas (Plato and Aristotle on Friendship and Altruism) which addresses the kind of task which I have outlined for you in this assignment. The John Cooper article, Friendship and the Good in Aristotle, also presents arguments that might be helpful in writing this essay. Although you may certainly refer to Annass article or Coopers (make sure to cite him/her appropriately, if you do), I do not want you to make this assignment an exposition of Annas, or Coopers, paper; rather, this assignment is intended as an opportunity for you to come up with and develop your own arguments. The length of this essay should be between 4 and 5 double-spaced pages in Time New Roman font with 12-pt. characters and standard margins....
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