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4108lecture notes

4108lecture notes - objects b Particular Affections i...

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Friendship Seminar Notes April 1, 2008 Thursday April 3, 2008. Bring in something substantial for Essay 5 Second draft is complete draft. Ask for specific things you want feedback on. He will give comments on things that we solicite. Draft 2 1. Should benevolence be on the list of particular affections? a. Give examples of seemingly selfless acts people perform for the sake of others. i. Hold doors open time, energy (shows respect) ii. Shovel driveway for old people physical strength, time iii. Take care of belongings or children in case of emergency. time iv. Helping with homework time, grades may suffer, curve hurts v. Charity work money Properties and happiness are same, then increasing happiness of another requires lessening your happiness. Property metaphor pg. 55 Doing things for other people incur cost, benevolent acts require losing other
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Unformatted text preview: objects. b. Particular Affections i. External objects:-Food -Revenge-Honor-Sleep c. Pg 55 talks about benevolence. The list of required particular affections relate to the essay. Since these items are part of psycholo egoism their relation to the benefits of friendship must be noticed. Since, if these items are presen benefits of a friendship are friendships really genuine or just a way for a person to gain this list of particular affections. The lists are the things that you give up for benevolence, yet benevolence is a greater good and is directed. So giving up the things on list lead to benevolence, which is satisfying. Desire for you own happiness Desires for external objects Food Honor Sleep • Other peoples good?...
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