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Lecture Notes March 25 th , 2008 Intro to Entrepreneurship Ethics Ethics – set of principles of correct behavior. Morality – observing these rules of correct behavior Professional Ethics Written code of conduct that a professional pledges to follow. Where? Engineering Accounting Medicine, Clergy Law Engineering Far fewer (as percentage) are licensed than other professionals. P.E. (Professional Engineer) Salary increase? Design approval for public works “Whistle Blower Rule” Required for registered P.E.’s to alert authorities of unsafe designs, etc. Part of the National Society of Professional Engineers code of ethics.
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Unformatted text preview: Roots of Ethics Ancient Greeks Off shoot of philosophy Religion was a poor guide to their behavior. Utilitarian Thinking – Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) The greatest happiness of the greatest number. Motives do no matter only consequences. Does not guarantee rights of minorities, etc. Benefit/cost ratio approach May be a few people who are hurt Duty Ethics – Immanuel Kent Moral actions done under sense of duty Universibility What if everyone did it? Stealing – if everyone stole, no property rights, it would be bad....
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