ISS FINAL - People Maritime Climates Maritime climate...

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Maritime – climate influenced by large body water Continental climate – place surrounded by large mass o Radiation penetrates surface of water to depth, currents mix up the cold and warm water, water heated slowly o Land masses – less sun penetration to the surface o Topeka and San Francisco – same latitude BUT different climates BC Topeka is surrounded by land, SF is on the ocean so has a very moderate o Ocean temps rarely change throughout the year o People love to live in maritime areas 53% of ppl live only an hour away from a coast (mild w/ little change) New Zealand – case study there’s a north and south island, both very small and surrounded by water HUGE maritime climate Population 4 million Auckland – north end, very diverse culture Wellington – south end, the capital, population 300,000 New Zealand’s Indigenous People MAORI o Polynesian decent o All the indigenous people, Maori held their own at the time of contact o Very tough, war-like people o Touch noses to greet each other o Huge sport is rugby o Everything’s bilingual- signs, people All farmers belong to a co-op New Zealand government serves as farmers’ agent to sell their crops (the Kiwis) They’re an isolated and small population so they rely on each other (we don’t) o They have a more natural environment o Animals not caged up and they can raise their cattle on grass all year long
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ISS FINAL - People Maritime Climates Maritime climate...

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