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Keith Crouse Jim Funk Lindsey Gertler Matt Jennings Jamie Stewart Group Speech Outline Family Guy : He’s too Sexy For His Fat Clip : Family Guy Intro: 1:38 Introduction : Lindsey Although canceled by FOX about three years ago, Family Guy , a show created by Seth MacFarlane, has remained a popular, animated comedy. In fact, the show is still so well liked that FOX has officially announced its return, broadcasting all new episodes beginning on May 1 st ( L.A. Times ). Most likely, this can be attributed to the huge sales of the DVDs. Perhaps many of you have purchased them yourselves and watched the particular episode contained in the second season we will be addressing today entitled, “He’s Too Sexy for His Fat.” Originally aired on June 27, 2000, this episode is a response to society’s obsession with appearance. In the show, Chris, the son, starts to skip gym class because he is self-conscious about his body. His mother, Lois makes him low-fat meals, while his father, Peter, tries to convince him to get liposuction. Although Chris doesn’t go for the plastic surgery, Peter does, resulting in special treatment from people almost everywhere, even as far as joining “The Beautiful People Club.” Whereas in old times it was considered attractive and a sign of wealth to be plump and pale since only peasants were thin and tan, today, as we all know, it is the exact opposite. Now more than ever, people are dieting and paying thousands of dollars to be slim. For example, cover headlines in magazines include: “Shrink your body in 4 weeks”
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in Marie-Claire and “Our all-new soup diet” in Good Housekeeping . Furthermore, facial plastic surgeons report a 22% increase overall in cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures compared to last year (Preventive Medicine Week). Though many of you may think it’s only women who go for these surgeries, a number of men also are paying for physical changes. Procedures for men have more than tripled since 1997 in the U.S. according to a February report from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ( The State Journal ). In addition, there have been several television shows recently that have centered on plastic surgery, such as “The Swan,” “I Want a Famous Face,” and “Nip Tuck.” These are just a mere few illustrations of how focused our society is on appearance. Clip: Hams 0:46 Actuality : Matt Central to the effectiveness of this episode is the organization and arrangement of events. The creator leads us down a path that once completed, brings the audience right to the message itself. In one of the first ridiculous scenes, we see Chris mistaken for a shoplifter because of his large size. This alerts the audience that the overall theme for the episode will be body image, and, once again, the main tool will be pathos. Now that the audience is thinking, the creator solidifies the theme with the scene of Chris on the diving board. Now, obviously in the real world we would never mistake a boy for a van, but in the
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Group Speech Outline - Keith Crouse Jim Funk Lindsey...

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