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Keith Crouse CE 310, Section 2 September 9, 2007 3.a.1 Topographic Surveying is a relatively new field especially in the area of precise surveying. It provides a new unprecedented level of speed and accuracy for determining “horizontal and vertical distances between objects, measure angles between lines, determine the direction of lines, and establish points of predetermined angular and linear measurements”. While this method of calculating is still working its way out of the military sector it has been used by the US Armed Forces to determine specific strike points for an its weapons. The article from the website globalsecurity.org tells what topographic surveying is used for, as well as how it is used to calculate specific distances etc. 3.a.2 3-Dimensional Highway Visualization is a new and interesting idea using a 3-D
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Unformatted text preview: computer simulated design of a roadway to demonstrate both the feasibility of the design, along with helping to avoid potential hazards before they appear on the site. This is accomplished by first loading a 3-D contour map of the existing area then using CADD and other programs to design and inlay the highway onto the map. The program then can show potential trouble spots with existing utilities, geographic features and elevation concerns and then understand how to design around them from the start. It can also show where drainage problems may appear and secondary systems would have to be installed. Overall it appears to be a very useful tool to aid in presentations, design, and implementation of future mass transit systems....
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