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Outline for speech 3 - Keith Crouse CAS 100A Motivational...

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Keith Crouse CAS 100A Motivational Speech Outline 1. Attention Step: How often do you walk by a newspaper on the floor, or sit down and realize that you are surrounded by garbage. For the average Penn State student this is a very common occurrence and generally happens multiple times a day. This is becoming an ever-increasing problem and something needs to be done about it. 2. Need Step: a. Statement: This problem needs to be fixed because apart from just making it an unpleasant experience to sit through a class (apart from whomever may be lecturing) it is also costing us tuition money that could be used for better things. b. Illustration: Currently the added mess is plying Operation of Physical Plant personal or OPP away from their normal cleaning duties just to pick up after us students as if we were children. While most of us learned by the end of pre-school to clean up after ourselves for some reason that lesson did not stick with many students here, unlike our overwhelming desire to have naptime return. c. Ramifications: If this problem persists then the only possible responses will have direct negative effects on the student body. They include things such as hiring a larger cleaning force to keep up with the continued cleaning time, which would also spell tuition increase. The administration
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Outline for speech 3 - Keith Crouse CAS 100A Motivational...

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