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Keith Crouse Section 13 Ethics and Engineering 1. In the beginning the method Engineer A chose to deal with the city was ethical, however as time went on and Engineer A was less and less sure of himself or his ability to report to work it become an unethical situation. It is not odd for someone to have to rap up a past job or take care of certain engagements at home before starting a new job. However it is not right to continuously push back your starting date or treat the city with such uncertainty especially when the job is a cornerstone in the functioning of the
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Unformatted text preview: city. 2. Engineer As use of Engineer Bs design could be considered either ethical or unethical depending on certain factors. First if Engineer B signed over the rights to his designs and gave Engineer A free reign of his designs then it was ethical for Engineer A to enter it into the design competition and not acknowledge Engineer B, but it is viewed as distasteful. In contrast if Engineer B had his designs patented or did not authorize his designs to be used past the bridge then it was unethical of Engineer A to use his designs and possibly illegal....
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