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Building Bridges between Texts Beyond Compare-Contrast

Building Bridges between Texts Beyond Compare-Contrast -...

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Paper 2: Building Bridges between Texts à “element”= idea, concept, plan, proposal, assumption, description, personal opinion, etc. Framing: Problem/Solution —using an element from Schlosser as a solution/answer to a problem posed by Kaldor , or visa versa à e.g., using Kaldor’s idea of humanitarian law as a solution to the menacing problems of consumerism we find in Schlosser Framing: Analysis— using an element in one text as a framework to analyze an element in another text; privileging the one element as the “lens” through which to understand the other à e.g., using Kaldor’s idea of “netforce” as a lens through which to describe McDonalds’ shape and activity Framing: Debating— using an element from one text to nullify/disprove an element from another text ; “getting the two texts to argue with each other” à i.e., if one text’s element is true (prove), then the other text’s element is false/ misguided/harmful Comparing and Extending—
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