expoz-assgn#1 - Saira Bakshi Assignment #1 Rough Draft The...

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Unformatted text preview: Saira Bakshi Assignment #1 Rough Draft The Illusion of A Free World When one imagines a world governed by our freedom to choose, it is hard to imagine the collapse of such an idealistic vision. A world entrenched in consumerism is such a world. Eric Schlosser, author of Global Realization, portrays consumerism as the driving force behind a multitude of problems, such as global assimilation, health and ecological declines, and the monetary expenses associated with them, among a host of other problems. Yet the main source of its potency is the illusion that it creates. Far different than past institutions that preached conformation to a universal ideology, the McWorld that globalization has spawned only preaches freedom of choice. An idealistic world comes to mind when the reigning principle is the freedom to choose, yet this is precisely what holds us captive. We become victim to our own choices, and eventually suffer the consequences. The force of globalization derives its potency from this illusion of idealism, manipulating the populace into succumbing to the illusion of a free world, our freedom of choice reigns, forcing us to plunge deeper into a loss that feels like winning. It would seem that a globalizing world would be a vector for cultural diversity, enabling all cultures to shine in the global spotlight. However, the world has instead become a stage for American values and styles. Clothing, food, and lifestyles characteristic of various societies are giving way to those characteristic of American culture. Germany serves as a microcosm for its rapid adaptation towards Western ideals. The traditional German restaurant--serving schnitzel, bratwurst, knackwurst, sauerbraten, and large quantities of beer--is rapidly disappearing(500) while The golden arches have become so commonplace in Germany that they seem almost...
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expoz-assgn#1 - Saira Bakshi Assignment #1 Rough Draft The...

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