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7 - T Leva PSY 129 Name Date Reading Assignment Summary...

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T. Leva PSY 129 Name: Date: April 18, 2006 Reading: Chapter Seven Reading Assignment Summary Sheet After you have completed this week’s reading assignment, list the 3 or 4 most important concepts or ideas of the reading. Start with what you consider the most important and move to the less important. You may also append or use graphics to supplement your summary. As part of your description of the concept or idea you may also wish to include an example. 1. There are three major steps to how the memory basically functions. The first is encoding and is where sensory perceptions are turned into a code in the brain. Step two is storage and is also divided up into three sections. Humans have the sensory memory used to remember what things look like and taste like, they have the short-term memory that holds about seven chunks of information lasting 20 seconds, and there is the long term memory, an unlimited about of capacity is present. The final step is called retrieval where the brain calls for the memory. Most
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