Equipontential Lines

Equipontential Lines - See attached graphs Results See...

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Equipotential Lines February 27 th , 2007 Pre-Questions : 1. None of the three depicted paths intersect the electrical field at right angles, therefore  some work must be done in all steps. The middle path will have the least required work  because potential is dependent on distance, and the shortest distance between any two  points is a straight line. The line on the right has the next highest work load and the one  on the left has the highest load.  2. The lines of force would be perpendicular to the equipotentials. 3. 90 deg is the only angle it could be because it is the point that has a net zero component  of motion, and hence, no work. Purpose:  To find the equipotentials given an experimental apparatus seen in figure 2. Method:  The procedure was followed (20.4-20.5). Diagram:
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Unformatted text preview: See attached graphs Results: See attached graphs Statement of Results : An equipotential graph was produced showing the results. Discussion: One source of error was keeping the probes in the same spot. This led to a graph with slight error, clamps would have fixed this problem. It also seemed pretty difficult to plot because getting a zero voltage reading was tricky. Error also occurred when the points were transferred to the graph paper. Closing Questions: Conclusion: The graphs came out remarkably accurate with all the error involved. With a setup like figure 1.1, a equipotential field can be predicted and drawn. References: [Online image] Available http://www.physics.fsu.edu/users/ng/courses/phy2054c/Labs/Expt01/Expt-01.htm, February 27, 2007...
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Equipontential Lines - See attached graphs Results See...

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