Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic Induction - galvanometer has internal...

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Electromagnetic Induction April 3 rd , 2007 Pre-Questions: 1. Yes because changing the magnetic flux will induce a current. 2. They cannot because they are both dependant on each other. Current will not flow without an emf or else Faraday’s Law would not be obeyed. 3. An induced current produces an induced magnetic field that opposes the change of magnetic flux causing current. Purpose: To observe electromagnetic induction, and the emf produced in a secondary coil when magnetic flux is changed. Method: The procedure was followed (29.3-29.7). Diagram: Data: See attached
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Graph: See attached Discussion: This lab did not have that much error since most values were measured on a positive or negative basis. Measuring the values for the graph in part 3 had error since the
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Unformatted text preview: galvanometer has internal resistance and the needle did not stay stationary and using a meter stick to measure values. Closing Questions: 1. The ultimate source of energy in part 1 comes from the movement of the bar magnet. Doing this changes the magnetic flux inducing current. 2. The source of energy that appears in the secondary circuit when the primary circuit is broken is the change in distance in the magnet raised above the secondary circuit changing flux and inducing current. When the primary circuit was connected, the energy came from the power supply....
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Electromagnetic Induction - galvanometer has internal...

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