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Quiz%201 - 2 You need to drink 6L of Gatorade to stay...

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Chem 101 Section 001 Quiz 1 Name (please print legibly):________________________________ PID #:_________________________________________________ Pledge: I have neither given nor received aid on this quiz. Signature:_______________________________________________ You must show units in all calculations for full credit! Significant figures must be correct for full credit! Given Information: ° C = 5/9( ° F – 32); density of H 2 O at 25 ° C = 1.00g/mL 1) Last Friday the mercury hit a high of 112.5 ° F in Phoenix, AZ, which is well above the average high of 103 ° F. What is the difference in ° C and K between the high on Friday of 112.5 ° F and the average high of 103 ° F? ° C__________________________ K___________________________
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Unformatted text preview: 2) You need to drink 6L of Gatorade to stay hydrated in the hot Phoenix sun. How many milliliters and deciliters are in 6L of Gatorade? mL___________________________ dL___________________________ 3) Solve the following equations: a) 8845.678 + 66.93 Answer_____________________________ b) 0.30(45.2 + 23) Answer_____________________________ 4) Determine the number of significant figures in the following values: a) 0.007010 Answer_____________________________ b) 1200 Answer_____________________________ c) 409.0 Answer_____________________________ 5) 11.4mL of Benzene has the same mass as 10.0mL of water at 25 ° C. Calculate the density of benzene. Answer_____________________________...
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