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Music Fundamentals—Beckwith Exercises for Minor Mode These exercises will help give you a thorough understanding of the natural minor scale, its key signature, its relations to major scales and their key signatures, its variants, and their relations to minor key signatures. If at all possible, use a piano, electronic keyboard, or audible software so you can hear what the scales sound like. For each tonic given below: a. On the first staff, write whole notes on steps 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-1 of the scale indicated. Leave room for a potential accidental before each note. b. On the keyboard, write X on each key of the natural minor scale (W H W W H W W). c. Referring to the keyboard, add accidentals to the natural minor scale on the staff at left. d. Examine the accidentals you have used. On the second staff, organize them into standard order and position and write them as a key signature. Leave room for two before the bar line. e. After the key signature, write the tonic of the scale you have made. Fill in the “__ minor” blank under the staff.
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