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Lindsey Weygandt 08439060 Book Review In the novel, Good Faith and Truthful Ignorance: A Case of Transatlantic Bigamy, the authors Alexandra Parma Cook, and Noble David Cook describe the ups and downs of the life of the wealthy Spanish conquistador, Francisco Noguerol de Ulloa. In 1537, Francisco de Ulloa set out to the new world in hopes of gaining personal enrichment, moving up in the social ladder, and to escape the constraints of an unwanted arranged marriage. Once he arrives in Peru he switches loyalties multiple times among two different opposing groups. These two sides were composed of Almagro’s men and Pizzaro’s men, and in the end he remains on Pizzaro’s side because there was more opportunity for economic gain. Over the next several years Francisco Noguerol de Ulloa was constantly on the lookout for acquiring more wealth, and gaining more recognition with the Spanish Crown. In the end, the political situations that Francisco de Ulloa gets himself into as a result of his explorations to the new world causes him to be thrown into the pile of never ending paperwork and court rulings created by the Spanish Crown. The welcoming his receives upon his return to Spain twenty years later is not what he fully expected, and the turmoil he thought he was finally escaping by leaving Peru was yet again out to get him. The corruption of the Church in both the new world, and in Spain takes away the religious aspect, and transforms it into a form of propaganda. The Church becomes a sure fire way for the royal crown to make more money. In fact, this religious system is run by men who worked there way up through connections,
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perseverance, and bribes. The treacherous and hypocritical ways in which the proceedings in life were carried out in both Peru and in Spain are given in full recount by Francisco Noguerol de Ulloa. In fact, Francisco de Ulloa falls into the traps of deception, and is
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bookreview - Lindsey Weygandt 08439060 Book Review In the...

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