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Unformatted text preview: Biological Psychology II: Brain Structure and Function *Review Major Structures *Indicate How Structures Relate to Functions *Review Methods Leading to this Knowledge *Examine "Split Brain" Research *Examine How Brain is Affected by "Mother's Touch" In Following Slides, we go from the Spine Up to the Cortex Overview of all areas and their interrelations: Overview and Goals: Brainstem: Brainstem *"Inner Core" of Brain; Regulates Life-Support *Rests Atop and Connects to Spinal Cord *Contains Medulla (Vital Involuntary Functions), Pons , Reticular Formation (Sleep, Arousal, Attention) *Attaches to Cerebellum (Balance/Movement) Limbic System *Above Brainstem, Surrounded by Cortex *Critical to Motivation, Emotion, Memory *Contains: o Thalamus ("Sensory Relay Station") o Amygdala ("Aggression and Fear-Anxiety Center") o Hippocampus (Memory Formation) Basal Ganglia (movement and, via nucleus accumbens, reward) o Hypothalamus (Regulates Temperature, Hunger, Activity of ANS, hormone release via pituitary, site of "pleasure center" ) *frontal *temporal *parietal * occipital Four Lobes of the Cerebral Cortex Note Specialization and Localization of Functions in Cerebral Cortex *Functions are "Represented" in Specific Brain Areas, as follows: *Motor Cortex,, *Somatosensory Cortex,, *Broca's Area (Language Production/Speaking), Wernicke's Area (Language Reception/Understanding), *Auditory/"musical" Cortex, *Visual Cortex. Integration of Brain Areas in Complex Functioning: Example of Language Processing Larson's Parody of William Penfields' Pioneering Research Split Brain Video Clip Touch and Brain Development Video *What is the IV?: *What are theThree DV's in Tiffany Field's Experiment: *1) *2) *3) Note how this is a "Repeated Measures" Experiment: ...
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