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Wednesday Lecture Notes - *Adam Powell-Pastor largest black...

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Wednesday Lecture Notes.  **Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points- 1) Open Diplomacy 2) Freedom of seas 3) open door trade policy  4) arms 5) settle colonial claims 6) national determination 7) league of nations *Plan for peace,  wanted to create progressive reforms *Henry Lodge-Senate Chair for Foreign Relations Committee, did not approve of joining the  league of nations. U.S. did not join league bc of lodge.  Franz Ferdinand- Assassinated, started WW 1, Weakened all empires. Signaled the rise of US as  imperial power.  *Battles Verdum-650,000 killed *Battle of Somme 1,000,000 killed *Yres 800,000 killed *Russians  unprepared for industrial war. *Stalemates.  *Allies-British, French, Russians *Central Powers-Germany, Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary *Article X-Commited members of league of nations to come and aid *Shantung-Land given to Japan after WW1, part of China’s old land. 
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Unformatted text preview: *Adam Powell-Pastor largest black church in NY, black leader against war. *BSCP-(A Phillip Randolph)- Sot black leader against war. *Great migration- 1 mil. African Americans from South move to the industrialized north. *Chicago Defender-largest black newspaper in U.S. have jobs, and housing, no lynching. Some areas newspaper was banned. *Redscare- Palmer Raids, Mitchell Palmer (A. General) Sent in FBI to deport immigrants bc they appeared to look like communists. Encouraged protection of homeland. *Wesley Everest-Head of wobblies in Washington, put in jail, lynch body mutilated. *Silent Parade-18,000 women, men, children all dressed in best attire not saying a word silently boycotting. Holding signs. *Red Summer- 78 Lynching’s. 1914-1920, 382 Africans lynched, 26 race riots....
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