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Questions for Critical Thinking 2 & 4 - 4. Certainly,...

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2. I believe that employers put a great amount of emphasis on the interview as a selection device because it is the tool that can give the employer the most insight into whether or not there is good applicant-organization fit. The interviewer gets to interact face to face with the applicant and gets a more real sense of who the applicant is (something that doesn’t show as strongly in the initial selection process such as an application form, background check, or letters of recommendation, or other forms of substantive selection such as written tests—and performance simulation tests are harder to create and more money and time consuming). The interview is where the applicant’s personality really shines through, and the interviewer gets to understand better what the applicant values, along with getting a better sense of the applicant’s mental skills, level of conscientiousness, and interpersonal skills.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Certainly, one would assume that the Cleveland based company Lincoln Electric Co. doesnt necessarily focus on forced comparisons (such as the group order ranking) like GE does. However, that doesnt mean it cant still be successful. One could look at the two companies in the light of task oriented v. relationship oriented. GE is more task oriented where dropping the bottom 10% motivates employees to beat each other out and produce more. However, there probably isnt as much teamwork throughout the whole company as may exist in Lincoln Electric Co., which focuses more on relationships (not firing based on productivity). And just because Lincoln doesnt fire people like GE, it doesnt mean that it cant have just as good, if not better selection practices, training and development programs and performance evaluations (rewarding those that are producing the most) than GE to counter the way in which it functions....
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