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Lindsey Weygandt 08439060 Analysis #4 The circle the souls create in the sphere of the sun is essential because it helps Dante express and understand the relationship between image and truth in heaven. The recurring theme of symbolization through the use of geometric shapes allows Dante to share his perspective on the afterlife through an abstract image. The concentric circle links the souls to the wisdom God has for all creation. A circle is never ending. There are no breaks, or sudden turns that change a circle’s direction, or appearance. It remains consistent, and reliable no matter what, just like God. The circle signifies the completeness of the souls that have been made whole by the wisdom of God. The structured order the souls gather into while praising God is significant because it demonstrates how the souls serve God, and the manner in which they do this. In Canto XI, Dante compares the movement of the souls to a ”…wheel that [is] moved in glory go round and render voice to voice with such sweetness” (Line 146- 147). The fact that the souls are being compared to spinning wheels once again
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analysis4 - Lindsey Weygandt 08439060 Analysis #4 The...

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