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Lindsey Weygandt 08439060 Professor Karnes Analysis #3 In the second installment of Dante’s Divine Comedy, Purgatorio , the realm he describes is vastly different from the painting produced by the Italian artist Corrado Giaquinto titled “The Trinity with Souls in Purgatory.” The two depictions of purgatory are unique because this religious concept cannot be conveyed by a single image. The painting and the poem both use the idea of light in their creations because it is a common theme found in purgatory. In Dante’s Purgatorio , Dante is on a journey for personal knowledge. In his ascent through purgatory he is learning spiritual lessons with the souls’ of the surrounding terraces. The mountain he is climbing to get to heaven represents Dante’s climb towards religious enlightenment. In the beginning of his journey he is perplexed by the fact that whenever he turns around he sees “…the shades astonished as they stared at me, and at the broken light” (Canto V, line 8). Dante gives off a shadow because his humanly body is not yet cleansed of the darkness of bodily sin. As Dante continues on in his journey he focuses more on the spiritual, and inward emotions, and less on physical and earthly distractions. The souls do not have bodies because after death the “…light from heaven granted understanding” (Canto 5, line 57). The light that was given to them by God after death allows them to see the greater meaning of life that they did
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analysis3 - Lindsey Weygandt 08439060 Professor Karnes...

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