Test 2 Review (ch3 5 6)

Test 2 Review (ch3 5 6) - Chapter 3 Hardware 1. Input...

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Chapter 3 Hardware 1. Input hardware: devices that are keyboards, mouse, document scanners 2. Processing hardware: central processing unit (CPU) a.k.a the “brain” of the computer; the CPU selects instructions, processes them, performs arithmetic/logical comparisons, and stores results of operations in memory a. The maximum speed at which it transfers data is determined by the speed of main memory and the speed/width of the data bus 3. Output hardware: video displays, printers, audio speakers, overhead projectors 4. Storage hardware: saves data and programs; Three types: magnetic disk (most popular), optical disk, magnetic tape (good for large corporate data centers) Binary Digits: computers represent data using binary digits called Bits. Bit : either a zero or a one; they are easy to represent physically; computers use bits for two purposes: instructions and data Instruction Set: the collection of instructions that a computer can process Bytes: bits are grouped into 8-bit chunks called bytes; they are used to measure sizes of non character data as well Motherboard : a circuit board upon which the processing components are mounted and/or connected Data Channel/Bus : the CPU reads instructions and data from main memory and it write data to main
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Test 2 Review (ch3 5 6) - Chapter 3 Hardware 1. Input...

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