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Chapter 4-5 study guide - Chapter 4-5 Study Guide Language:...

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Chapter 4-5 Study Guide Language : a structured systems of signs, sounds, gestures, and marks that is used and understood to express ideas and feelings among people within a community, nation, geographic area, or cultural tradition 4 Key Elements: sounds, words, grammar, meaning Sounds : accents Words : symbols that stand for the object or concept that it names; can represent an object or abstract concept; Idioms : words whose meanings cannot be understood by the ordinary usage Grammar : Rules that govern how words are put together to form phrases and sentences Meanings: Semantics : the study of meaning, or the association of words with ideas, feelings, and contexts; language by itself has no meaning 1. Talk: what we do everyday 2. Speech: one vehicle used to transmit language 3. Communication: involves the exchange of meanings -the fact that we process language does not mean that we communicate well -we cannot verbally communicate without language and language would be useless if it did not help us convey meanings Muted Group Theory: A theory suggesting that status and power are clearly linked and that women, ethnic minorities, and out-groups (people with disabilities, the elderly, and the poor) have little voice and people do not pay attention to them because they lack the power
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Chapter 4-5 study guide - Chapter 4-5 Study Guide Language:...

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