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soc theory paper 3 - Paper 3 The documentary"The...

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Paper 3 The documentary, “The Corporation”, addresses the negative issues that corporations bring to the world. Every corporation works to provide value and profits for its shareholders while continuing to grow. By putting the shareholders first, corporations force the public to take in problems, externalities, which the corporation has created. Corporations mistreat the environment, animals, and other human beings. Through a Supreme Court ruling, a corporation is now considered a person and therefore has the rights of a human being. The film brings up the question, what kind of person is a corporation? After a review of the mental characteristics of a corporation through a checklist it was concluded that, if it were a human, a corporation would be considered a psychopath. They harm all of society in many ways but because the corporation is in charge and not the people who work within it, problems continue to arise with the constant pursuit of profit. Corporations harm workers through layoffs, union busting, factory fires, and sweatshops. They have no feelings for others and cannot maintain lasting relationships.
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soc theory paper 3 - Paper 3 The documentary"The...

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