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soc theory paper 2 - Stanley Milgram conducted a survey in...

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9/5/07 Stanley Milgram conducted a survey in 1960 that was designed to prove that the Germans, compared to the rest of society, were more likely to be obedient. The experiment was started at Yale University with the full intention of going to Germany and collecting data to compare Americans with Germans, but the experiment never left the United States due to unexpected and disturbing results showing how obedient Americans really are. Subjects were put in front of an electric shock machine and instructed to administer a shock to a man behind a one way mirror for every incorrect answer he gave through a series of questions. For every incorrect answer the voltage of the shock was increased and the perceived amount of pain experienced by the man increased proportionally. The subjects were unaware that the man was a patron of the experiment and that all expressions coming from the room were pre- recorded. When the subject felt it was not morally acceptable to continue administering the shock, the experimenter attempted to persuade the subject to continue. It was estimated that no more than three subjects out of one hundred would administer the maximum shock of 450 volts. An amazing 65% of the subjects went all the way to 450 volts. Milgram pursued other trials in which he put the subject and the “victim” in the same room and still 30% went all the way. Milgram concluded that, “The results, as seen and felt in the laboratory are disturbing.
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soc theory paper 2 - Stanley Milgram conducted a survey in...

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