ch. 13, 15, 16,17

ch. 13, 15, 16,17 - Chapter 13 -Stress- any event that...

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Chapter 13 - Stress - any event that strains or exceeds an individual’s ability to cope. Sources of stress : 1. Frustration - When we are not able to satisfy a motive 2. Conflict - occurs when two or more motives cannot be satisfied because they interfere with one another a. Approach- approach conflict - choose between two positive goals b. Avoidance-avoidance conflict - choose between two or more negative outcomes c. Approach-avoidance conflict - obtaining a positive goal necessitates a negative outcome as well d. Multiple approach- avoidance conflict - choose between alternatives that contain both positive and negative consequences 3. Pressure - the stress that arises from threats of negative events 4. Life Events - create stress because they require adjustment and coping 5. Environmental conditions - aspects of the environment in which we live (temperature, air pollution, noise, humidity) can be sources of stress. 6. Catastrophes Reaction to stress 1. Arousal 2. Burnout 3. Health and safety impact 4. General Adaptation syndrome (GAS) a. Alarm reaction - the body’s initial response to threat or other stress is to mobilize its stored resources b. Resistance stage - body’s resources fully mobilized, and resistance to the stress is high c. Exhaustion stage - resources become exhausted, and resistance to the stress is lowered -Coping - Attempts by individuals to deal with the source of stress and/or control their reactions to it Predictability and control - stress events are less stressful when they are predictable than when they are not, and they are less stressful when the individual perceives that he or she can exert some degree of control over the stress
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ch. 13, 15, 16,17 - Chapter 13 -Stress- any event that...

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