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Questions for Critical Thinking- #3

Questions for Critical Thinking- #3 - organized girl was...

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Questions for Critical Thinking: #3 In an art class in high school, we were divided into groups to make a sculpture. There was a very preppy, organized girl on my team along with a somewhat lazy, messy girl. The organized girl immediately created a timeline by which we all were supposed to do certain things for the project (for example, we all had to purchase materials by a certain date). The other girl was not fond of this, and didn’t have her materials when she was supposed to. This meant that we couldn’t use the time we had to do all the things that needed to be done for that day, and things went downhill from there between the two girls. In this situation, I believe the organized girl saw the conflict as dysfunctional, and the other girl probably did as well but certainly didn’t care about it. It started with personal variables and escalated on a personal level between the two girls (felt), and the
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Unformatted text preview: organized girl was having a hard time accommodating for the messy girl while the messy girl was trying to avoid the conflict and project altogether, and in the end, the project was not much of a success. In acting class I was assigned a five minute skit with another guy. After reading the skit, we had different ideas of where we wanted to go with it in certain sections. However, we both were very open to one another’s suggestions and tried out each other’s suggestions, ultimately leading to a better skit. As the conflict was not due to relationship but instead more task and process, it was certainly more beneficial than the art class example where the conflict was mostly due to relationship. I certainly viewed the conflict as functional, and I believe he did as well. We both made compromises on the skit (making it a win-win) and thus both felt like the skit was a success....
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