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theory paper 5 - 11/14/07 Social Theory Paper 5 Max Weber...

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11/14/07 Social Theory Paper 5 Max Weber defined domination as the probability that certain specific commands will be obeyed by a given group of persons. Every form of domination assumes some sort of voluntary compliance, or an interest in obedience. In order to rule over a group of people, it is required to have a staff that will fulfill the specific commands given down by the leader. Different motives keep the staff trustworthy to their superior and these motives determine the type of domination, of which there are three; charismatic, traditional, and rational-legal. (Charles Lemert, 112- 113) Traditional domination is justified because people believe in the sanctity of old rules and powers. It worked in the past and cannot be challenged by reason. Patriarchalism and patrimonialism make up the two forms of traditional authority. Weber’s essay “ Class, Status, Party”, talks about the human desire for social power and how class aids the acquisition of certain forms of power. By power Weber means social honor but this is not the case for every individual. Capital helps to determine who has social power; therefore class is formed through economic inequality. Property is the basic category that Weber believes defines class
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situation. If you have property, you have power. Therefore, those with the highest ownership of property have the most control over the course of their lives. Those who have no means of ownership, on the other hand, must adhere to certain societal rules that are established by the ruling or most powerful class. Class is also determined by a person’s opportunities to engage in upward mobility, or the ability
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theory paper 5 - 11/14/07 Social Theory Paper 5 Max Weber...

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