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service learning analytical paper

service learning analytical paper - Service-Learning...

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5/3/05 Service-Learning Analytical Paper VTOPS After-School Description: I am working with VTOPS after school program at Narrows Elementary. This program is focused on increasing the academic and social skills of children, developing a positive attitude toward school, community, and oneself, making healthy life choices, developing caring relationships, and engaging in challenging learning experiences. All of the children are in grades 1-7 and recognized as being "at-risk". The children participate in a variety of activities. Each day the children have a recreation time where the volunteers play with and watch over the children who play games, play sports, or construct arts and crafts. They are also involved in a curriculum called "Too Good for Drugs and Violence After- School Program" designed to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors dealing with alcohol and tobacco. Finally there is tutoring for homework where each child gets to sit down with a volunteer and get any assistance they need. When children are out of school they usually are bored and have nowhere to go or anything to do. This is the time period where they are most like to try out bad things due to the extra exposure to risk and opportunities. All children make the choice to participate in a sport, practice a skill, do school work, or associate in risky behavior. VTOPS provides children with positive support, a place to make 1
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strong relationships, and additional help with school. All of this helps the children learn to make positive and healthy decisions and keeps them out of any trouble they would normally find a way into. Every Wednesday I arrive there around 3:30. From 3:30 until 4:00 the children are either in the cafeteria playing card games and board games or in the gym playing basketball, woofleball, or other miscellaneous activities. Most of the
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service learning analytical paper - Service-Learning...

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