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drugs and society 1 - Kyle Webb Drugs and Society Paper 1...

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Kyle Webb Drugs and Society Paper 1 Goode (Reading #1): Drugs a Sociological Perspective: Goode’s two perspectives of are essentialistic, which describes the objective reality of drugs, and constructionist, which describes the subjective reality of drugs. The objective reality is the effect that the drug has on the body and the social problems it causes to society, while the subjective reality is the socially constructed side of how a drug is defined and the steps society takes to deal with the social problems. Medical and recreational drug use can be divided into two overlapping dimensions. Both can be used legally and illegally. Although most people view drug use in the illegal recreational way, medical drugs can be used illegally in ways such as taking amphetamine in order to stay wake. On the other hand, recreational use can be legal through means such as consuming alcohol with meals. Therefore, recreational and medical use does not truly occupy two distinct worlds. Curra (Reading #2): Drugs and Drug Taking: Fingarette explains heavy drinking and alcoholism not as a disease, but as a central activity that defines an individual’s life. This implies that the disease model is incorrect and that a wide variety of social and individual problems are the main source of a person’s transition to a new central activity. Curra claims that drug wars and the persecution of drug users are not intended to create a drug free world. Instead it is a way for promoting other drugs such as tobacco, alcohol, and prescription drugs which have been culturally integrated. Courtwright (Reading #4): The Big Three:
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drugs and society 1 - Kyle Webb Drugs and Society Paper 1...

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