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bio lab stream life - 3/20/06 Biol 6:50-8:45 Title: The...

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3/20/06 Biol 6:50-8:45 Title: The effects of temperature, pH, and dieldrin on water stream life. Hypotheses: 1. If the temperature of the water is increased to 30 degrees C, most fish will not be able to survive nor reproduce. 2. If the pH reaches a level of 1, almost everything will be eliminated because the plants will have a hard time adjusting to the high levels of acid. 3. If levels of dieldrin reach .740, any organism that is exposed to the dieldrin will die. Results: 1. When the temperature was increased to 30 Degrees C only the stonefly, caddisfly larva, and mayfly larva were not able to survive. 2. When the pH level reached 1, bass, minnows, sunfish, stonefly, crayfish, frogs, and caddisfly larva all died. They all were organisms that were higher up on the food web. Nothing towards the bottom half was affected by the drastic change in pH. 3. When the amounts of dieldrin reached .740, bass, minnows, sunfish, daphnia, stonefly, and crayfish all died. Once again these were the larger organisms at the top of the food web and everything in the bottom half was able to survive Discussion:
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1. Temperature can play a large roll in the number of species that are able to survive.
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bio lab stream life - 3/20/06 Biol 6:50-8:45 Title: The...

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