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1. Discuss what role welfare assistance programs play in the government control function. Welfare assistance programs serve a social function by defusing social unrest. When many people are unable to perform their traditional professions, the legitimacy of the system itself may be questionable. Crimes, looting and/or social movements in an attempt to change the system may occur; threatened by these possible actions, the government initiates relief and assistance. 2. Find data on a) gender composition of prison population; b) racial composition of prison population. Do these numbers roughly reflect gender and racial composition of American population (find the numbers by Google search or through government databases and compare). The number for gender composition of the United States is radically different than the numbers for prison population. The gender is fairly evenly split for the United States (48.6% males to 52.4% females), and in prison, males outnumber females by a huge amount (93.3% males to 6.7% females).
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Unformatted text preview: However, the breakdown by race is a little bit more similar. For Native Americans and Asians, there is only a slight discrepancy between the statistics of America (0.8% Native Americans, 2.8% Asians) and those for the American inmates (1.8% Native Americans, 1.6% Asians). However, there was a slighter difference in the gap between whites, black and Hispanics. While the percentages for the inmates were slightly more evenly distributed (56.4% white, 40.2% black, 31.8% Hispanics) than those for the United States populations (75.6% white, 11.7% black, 9% Hispanic), they are still much closer than the gap between genders. UNITED STATES POPULATION PERCENTAGES White: (75.6%) Black: (11.7%) Male: 48.6% Hispanic: (9.0%) Female: 52.4% Asian: (2.8%) Native Am./Other: (0.8%) INMATES POPULATION PERCENTAGES White: (56.4%) Black: (40.2%) Male: (93.3%) Hispanic: (31.8%) Female: 6.7%) Asian: (1.6%) Native American: (1.8%)...
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