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WMU Sexual Assault Policy

WMU Sexual Assault Policy - WMU Sexual Assault Policy The...

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WMU Sexual Assault Policy The sexual assault policy at Western Michigan University is for the most part sensitive and thorough. It seems to cover most aspects of emotional handling and speedy prosecution while respecting the rights of the victim. The policy begins by establishing ten guarantees from the school to the victim. These range from allowing the victim to arrange meetings to give information about the assault, protecting the victim from being judged, blamed, or put in the public eye, allowing the victim to choose whether they want to meet with a male or female officer, and if they want/need medical attention or the assistance of a counselor. The school promises to “thoroughly investigate” the incident and to the keep the student informed; also, they assure the student that their complaint will be taken seriously in all cases. The University also makes note of prevention methods that they take and that are available for students to learn more about sexual safety, such as classes given in first year
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