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KINE 304 - Interview 3 - In the interview under "Exercise...

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In the interview under “Exercise Motivation,” the major points brought up in the interview are mainly deal with the affects of stress and anxiety on athletes. For example, how stress and anxiety affect athletes, how exercise affects stress and anxiety, and how exercise affects one’s psychological well-being are all relative issues corresponding with this interview. With regards to the affects of stress and anxiety on athletic performance, the interviewee states that it has both positive and negative effects. Furthermore, she says that it can energize the athlete as well as focus the effort of the athlete; however, she says that stress and anxiety can cause tight muscles, self-doubt, and also increase the risk of injury. Therefore, in order to combat these effects, the interviewee suggests exercise as a way to help with stress and anxiety because exercise reduces cognitive stress, dampens its affect on irritability, and is also generally positive. Because of the great results associated
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