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KINE 304- - In the interview from the"Overview of Exercise Psychology category the main points expressed by the interviewee were some of great

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In the interview from the “Overview of Exercise Psychology” category, the main points expressed by the interviewee were some of great magnitude in the sport and exercise field. For example, questions considering the benefits of exercise and sport, why people do not exercise, and what can be done to increase exercise participation were all mentioned throughout the interview. Over all, I believe that the interviewee does a great job of portraying the need for the public to be physically active and to know the consequences of remaining inactive. In regards to this, the interviewee allows it to be known that becoming physically active promotes one’s health and well-being by reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, some cancers, and by also improving mental health. It is great to state these benefits of exercise because it may be the motivation that one needs to become active. On the other hand, it is still relatively unknown as to why more people are not physically active. Some reasons cited by the interview are that people do not see
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