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KINE 304 - Interview 2

KINE 304 - Interview 2 - In the interview from"Physical...

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In the interview from “Physical Activity Epidemiology,” major points that were brought up include the question about health issues facing the U.S., the role sport and exercise participation play in addressing these issues, and the steps that can be taken to address pressing issues. At the beginning of the interview, the interviewee states that cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, and hypertension are some of the main health issues facing the U.S. today in regards to physical inactivity. In addition, he cites that thirty-five percent of all heart attacks are due to physical inactivity. From this he goes on to state that “there is a disconnect in putting information related to physical activity to practice.” In other words, we are not using valuable information regarding physical activity to better the world’s inactivity problems. It is also brought up that low income persons experience a different burden from chronic diseases; however, this is mainly
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