social effect of video game playing by youth

social effect of video game playing by youth - Marina...

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Marina Petrova PID 39976335 SOC 100 Section 2 Social Effect of Video Game Playing by Youth With no doubt, the use and the spread of home video games today, has increased compared to the past decades. Nowadays, video games have become more affordable, also their variety has enlarged. Video games cover different genres- from car races, to strategies, or more violent ones. With their increased usage, especially by the youth, the concern of the public about the possible effect video games can have on children, has grown bigger. Information on the topic can be found in the class book- Essentials of Sociology . In the selection, the issue is explored from different points of view. According to Douglas Gentile, who works at the Media Research lab at Iowa State University, video games “create a culture of disrespect” and “even children with no predisposition to hostility are more likely to get into physical fights if they play violent video games” (Page 76) With the evolution of video games from the old non-sophisticated ones to the newest 3-D versions, their impact grows even bigger. The more graphic it gets, the better teacher of violence it could become. On the other side of the argument, Carolyn Rauch, senior vice-president of Entertainment Software Association, declares that most studies done on the subject, lack objectivity and have serious methodological defects. She says, “Video games are today’s rock n’ roll in the 60’s. Older people want to believe it’s bad,
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social effect of video game playing by youth - Marina...

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