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Org Comm Study Guide Ch. 3

Org Comm Study Guide Ch. 3 - Chapter 3 Study Guide Name_TOM...

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Chapter 3 Study Guide Name: __TOM PARROTT______________________________ Chapter 3 Study Guide Key Terms: Scientific Management Perspectives – The theory that organizations can be designed and developed through an ordered, “scientific” manner. Included in this are organizational design, worker training for efficiency, chains of command, and divisions of labor. Bureaucracy – An organization that is based on formal rules and regulations which makes authority rational instead of charismatic or “traditional” Human Behavior Perspectives – Theory about organizations that looks at individuals, what their motivations are, and their influence on the way an organization creates and shapes itself and events. Hawthorne Effect – “ Group norms that influence productivity apart from the physical production environment” (p. 75) {don’t understand this} Integrated Perspectives – Theory looking at people, technologies, and environments come together to influence behavior reaching towards a goal Bounded Rationality – The understanding that humans don’t have a the ultimate information-processing capacity, so our decisions are based on selective perception and are therefore limited Cultural Perspectives – Look at how the culture of an organization influences it both internally and externally Postmodern & Critical Perspectives – Focus on power and domination and the challenges to hierarchy, bureaucracy and management control Feminist Perspectives – Examines the value of multiple voices and perspectives in an organization Guiding Questions: How does the Scientific Management Perspective on communication differ from that of the Human Behavior Perspective? Describe an experience from your own
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