Week Seven - The rise of political parties: taisho...

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26/02/2008 14:23:00 February 26, 2008 Politics and Culture in the Early Twentieth Century Japan’s New imperialism Imperialism at home o Poem by Yosanso Akiko o Popular protest Mass Culture in Mass Media--- a large group of people exposed  to what is happening in Japan  Hibiya Roits, 1905 Riots over tram fares in Tokyo, 1906 Riots over tax increases, 1908 Riots over participation n government and foreign policy, 1913  Rice Riots, 1918 o Popular culture Modern and Western Modanisumu and Amerikanizumu Modern boys and Girls o Popular participation in politics Debates 
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Unformatted text preview: The rise of political parties: taisho democracy??? Kato Takaaki (1860-1926) and the Kenseikai Yoshino Sakuzo (1878-1933) and minponshugi (people-as-the-base-ism) o Emperor Taisho (succeeded Meiji) Son (Hirohito) acted as advisor until he became emperor Imperial internationalism o Japan, WWI and the international treaty system Japan and China in WWI Japan Seizes Shantung Peninsula WW1 economic boom Japan issues 21 Demands to China, 1915 Japan and the post-WWI international system 26/02/2008 14:23:00 26/02/2008 14:23:00...
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Week Seven - The rise of political parties: taisho...

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