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Student Number________________________________ FOR 3364 S. M. Zedaker Forest Ecology & Management Fall 2005 Midterm Examination I This closed book/notes examination has 60 points and is worth 15% of the course grade. Not all questions are of equal value, so please plan accordingly. Be sure to sign your honor code pledge of individual work on the bottom of the last page. Relax; read the questions carefully; think clearly; good luck. Beat them Mountaineers! Go Hokies! SMZ 1. Colluvium is a general term for all deposits resulting directly or indirectly from the sediment transport of streams deposited in riverbeds, flood plains, lakes, fans and estuaries. T r u e F a l s e 2. Anaerobic processes are those that occur in the presence of molecular oxygen. T r u e F a l s e 3. Dominance is the influence that a species exerts over a community, measured e.g. by its mass or its basal area per unit area of ground surface or by the proportion it forms of the total cover, mass, or basal area of the community. T r u e F a l s e 4. An edaphic factor is any characteristic or condition of the atmosphere – generally physical or chemical – that influences organisms. T r u e F a l s e 5. Chemical elements needed in relatively large amounts by organisms, including Ca, K, Mg, and Zn, are considered macronutients. T r u e F a l s e 6. Mycorrhizae are the symbiotic, or at least non-parasitic, association between the root or rhizome of a green plant and a fungus. T r u e F a l s e 7. Early settlers and politicians in the U.S. believed that the supply of trees/forests was inexhaustible. T r u e F a l s e 8. A nutrient budget is a model of nutrient cycling that calculates the mass per unit time of a nutrient that is input, exported, and stored in a given system. T
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Exam1F-05survey - Student Number_ FOR 3364 Forest Ecology...

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