Exam2F-05survey - Student Number FOR 3364 S M Zedaker...

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Unformatted text preview: Student Number________________________________ FOR 3364 S. M. Zedaker Survey of Forest Ecology & Management Fall 2005 Midterm Examination II This closed book/notes examination has 60 points and is worth 15% of the course grade. Not all questions are of equal value, so please plan accordingly. Be sure to sign your honor code pledge of individual work on the bottom of the last page. Relax; read the questions carefully; think clearly; good luck. SMZ True/False: Circle the correct response. 1. Most forest microorganisms are beneficial to trees and forest ecosystems. True False 2. Insects generally cause fewer (less) losses annually, in terms of growing stock mortality and growth, than diseases or fire. True False 3. The visible reaction of a forest tree to a disease agent is called a symptom. True False 4. A plant disease is a malfunction of a normal metabolic function or a disruption of normal plant structure. True False 5. Fungi are heterotrophs. True False 6. Mistletoes are perennial evergreen seed plants that are parasitic on trees. True False 7. An insect that transfers or transmits a pathogen from one tree to another is called a vector. True False 8. The vigor and age of trees generally do not affect their susceptibility to pests. True False 9. About half the total land area of the U.S. is forested, which is about two-thirds of what we had in 1600. True False 10. Alpha diversity is the diversity among or between more than one community....
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Exam2F-05survey - Student Number FOR 3364 S M Zedaker...

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