Chapter 12 - womens and mens conversational rituals differ?...

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Chapter 12- Professional Relationships Why are impersonal relationships important to someone who wants to understand interpersonal communication? What are some examples of public interaction? What criteria do people usually use to manage public interactions? What two rituals do people use to help maintain deference? How do they differ? What is playacting? What are the characteristics of effective supervisory communication? What is the difference between natural and dysfunctional roles? What is upward distortion? What are three characteristics of good therapeutic communication? What communication activities are important in the patient-health provider relationship? What is a boundary-spanning role? What do workers feel about office romances? Employers? What are some of the ways
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Unformatted text preview: womens and mens conversational rituals differ? What is the modern view of leadership? What is dyadic linkage theory? What five essential roles are often found in groups? What is the difference between group roles and norms? What is groups cohesion? Groupthink? What is organizational culture? What are some differences between individualists and collectivists? What is the grapevine? What is negotiation? What are some processes that occur in negotiation, e.g. expanding the pie, logrolling, etc. What are 5 conflict styles? What is the difference between compromise and problem solving? What are some problem solving strategies? How can problem solving be made more effective?...
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