Chapter 9 Goal Competence

Chapter 9 Goal Competence - Chapter 9-Goal Competence 1....

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Chapter 9—Goal Competence 1. who was Ashley smith and how is her story related to Goal competence? a. She was taken hostage but convinced her captor to let her go and to give himself up. (Stockholm syndrom. . what is it? Sometimes when people are taken hostage they develop a sympathetic bond with hostage taker. She got her hostage taker to develop sympathy with her) 2. Goal competence= social influence a. How we get others to agree with our position b. In an organizational context, you get people to work as a team… there are a lot of problems that can be solved with think tank approaches—a social influence attempt. 3. 3 types of influence behaviors a. simple directives-request to do something b. compliance seeking behaviors-hinting, promising c. and more overt persuasion attempts-authors say these are more heavy handed attempts 4. does culture play any role influence behaviors? a. Yes b. Persuadables—topics open to persuasion vary in different cultures 5. What two kinds of face are defined in this chapter? a. Positive face i. Need to be liked and appreciated. We want to put out an image that will make people like us. When we are thinking about these issues, we are thinking about positive face representation. b. Negative face i. Need to be free and make your own decisions. When people intrude into our freedom, it becomes a negative face issue. 6.
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Chapter 9 Goal Competence - Chapter 9-Goal Competence 1....

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