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Psych 3100 Study Worksheet from Bethany EEG MEG PET fMRI MRI CT Single Cell Recording electro- encephalography magneto- encephalography positron emission- tomography functional magnetic resonance imaging magnetic resonance imaging computerized tomography mesaurement device measurment device functional imaging functional imaging structural imaging structural imaging measurement device non-invasive (weird skull cap) non-invasive invasive (have to have an injection of radioactive tracers) non-invasive non-invasive non-invasive (but uses x- ray) invasive direct measurement of electrical current in post-synaptic neurons direct
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Unformatted text preview: mesaurement of magnetic current invasive injection of radioactive tracers just a picture of the brain doesn’t differentiae between white and grey matter directly measures # of action potentials per second good temporal measurement good temporal measurement poor temporal measurement (30 sec.) okay temporal (5 sec.) measures radiation absorbed poor spatial measurement poor spatial measurement good spatial measurement (10mm) great spatial measurement (1mm) denser tissue absorbs more - brighter blocked blocked or event related measurements pg. 50...
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