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Eeg- - signal affected by skull, meninges, etc - detects deep and shallow dipoles - sensitive to gyri and sulci activity - millisecond temporal resolution - poor spatial resolution - cheaper and widely available MEG- - signal unaffected by skull, meningitis, et - poor at detecting deep dipoles - more sensitive to activity at sulci - millisecond temporal resolution - potentially good spatial resolution (2-3min) - expensive and limited availability temporal measurement- when spatial measurement- where
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Unformatted text preview: descarte-dualism Spinoza-dual aspect theory Aristotle- heart is the center of intellect and the brain is a cooling system Galen- ventricles were the main mental processes occurred Gall and Spurzheim- phrenology and functional specialization Broca- speech recognition, speech production, and conceptual knowledge James and freud- conciousness, attention, and personality Broadbent- memory is transferred from short to long Brodman- divided brain into 52 sections...
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