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ANTH 1190: Origins of Ancient Civilizations Essay #1 The essay is due in LECTURE (i.e., Hale 270 at 12:00 noon) on Monday 1/28 for discussion during that week’s recitations. We often think of the last 10,000 years as involving a history of great progress leading up to the modern world. The origins of domestication and the rise of cities and states are often seen as hallmarks in human progress. Apart from the ethnocentric biases that this
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Unformatted text preview: progressive view entails, discuss some of the disadvantages that people face living in densely occupied cities and states with social inequality and complex economies characterized by economic specialization and intensive systems of production. How might life in cities and states be less satisfying than in small, family-based, egalitarian societies? This essay should be 2-3 pages, typed, and double-spaced....
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