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The Three Main Sociological Perspectives – Module 2 I. Introduce lecture A. Four important sociological questions B. The three basic approaches taken to answering these questions II. Approach 1: Structural Functionalism A. The theory B. Problems with the theory III. Approach 2: Conflict theory A. The theory B. Problems with the theory IV. Approach 3: Symbolic Interactionism A. The theory 1. Background 2. The social construction of reality 3. Culture and socialization B. Problems with the theory 1. The subculture problem 2. the spontaneity problem 3. the micro-macro problem
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Module 2 definitions Beliefs : shared ideas held collectively by people within a given culture Cultural reaffirmation : the continual reminder, through social interaction, of our culture’s norms, values, and beliefs. Culture : the values, beliefs, behavior, and material objects that constitute a people’s way of life Institutions : The large scale social structures that societies develop to meet their needs and solve their problems (the family, the educational system, the political and judicial
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Module%202_The%20three%20perspectives - The Three Main...

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