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Unformatted text preview: TV Rights The New York Yankees are one of the most successful teams in baseball with a revenue this year exceeding $1 billion Yankees owner George Steinbrenner owns Yes Network based out of NYC which has right to all Yankees games In 2004, the Yankees received an extra $62 million in media revenue from Yes Network TV Rights With team revenue increasing 15% over the last four years, Yankees not only team to take advantage The Boston Red Sox are another team partnering with a regional cable provider The Sox teamed up with NESN and made a deal giving them exclusive rights to all the Boston home games. TV Rights TV deals are beneficial to a team in many ways Helps build revenue throughout the team Helps bring better, more expensive players to teams. Helps bring more exposure for franchises. Brings local sports teams to a national level. TV Rights Following labor strike the NHL lost over $1 billion in total revenue and crippled its fan base Because of low attendance ESPN dropped the NHL and refused to pay them the $60 million dollars previously agreed on NHL agrees to deal with OLN worth $135 million over 2 years TV Rights With a new deal in affect with OLN and NHL, attendance numbers for 0506 season were still dropping Analyst believe that NHL is in "state of emergency" Needs to think of ways to get more exposure, and people watching the game again ...
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