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Comm 4000 Journal Week #3 Journal Questions Week 3 – 1/29/08 – 1/31/08 . 1. In his article Dirlik suggests that globalization should be understood as a new paradigm. What does he mean by this? Why does he make this argument? What does thinking about globalization as a paradigm do for your understanding of globalization? In the article by Dirlik, he explains the paradigm connected with globalization. He describes this new phenomenon as, “a descriptive term referring to historical process from its deployment as a self-consciously new way of viewing the world, which is what I have in mind when I refer to it as a paradigm or discourse” (6). What Dirlik is saying is that globalization as a paradigm means that it is a re-occurring cycle where historical processes are used in viewing the world differently. He even goes as far to make the claim that not only is globalization a paradigm but is that of a discourse of something that is taught. These ideas have been shaped from the past with cultural and economical
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Journal%20Questions%20-%20week%203-1 - Comm 4000 Journal...

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