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Comm 4000 Journal Questions Week 4 – 2/5/08 – 2/07/08 1. Eckes and Zeiler suggest that while many scholars, corporate leaders, and members of the economic upper-class endorse many of the changes described as globalization, many middle and lower-class citizens are more critical or skeptical of these changes. On what do Eckes and Zeiler base this claim? Do you think this is a credible argument? Why do you think this might or might not be the case? I believe that this claim by Eckes and Zeiler is very accurate and shows a good separation between class systems and their feelings on globalization. While more and more corporations are shifting their attention internationally in order to attain cheaper labor, many of the lower and middle class persons in our country are struggling. Besides the labor concern of shifting jobs, one of the major concerns for Americans leading to globalization is the problem of putting leaders in place that could and would easily be struck by global power and then become corrupt. One of the sources that the authors claim for this problem is the notion that pop
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Journal%20Questions%20-%20week%204 - Comm 4000 Journal...

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